Eyn Enchiridion oder Handbüchlein (Erfurt Enchiridion)

Erfurt, 1524

An enchiridion, or handbook, quite useful for the Christian of today to have on his person for the constant practice and contemplation of spiritual songs and psalms, faithfully and skillfully rendered in German.

Following the success of the Achtliederbuch in 1524, this hymnal, commonly known as the Erfurt Enchiridion, was released in the same year by two competing printers. The most complete version, printed by Johannes Loersfeld at the Dyeing-Tub on Permenter Street, contains sixteen tunes. The version printed by Matthes Maler at Kremer Press at the Black Horn was likely pirated from Loersfeld’s edition: it lacks the tune Aus tiefer Not and may have been copied from stolen early galley proofs.

A scan of the Loersfeld edition may be found here.

A scan of the Maler edition may be found here. This article provides some background information on the volume, the last of its kind in the world, held at Trinity College Library in Dublin.

Contents (Loersfeld Printing)

Eyn Enchiridion oder Handbüchlein. eynem ytzlichen Christen fast nutzlich bey sich zuhaben, zur stetter ubung und trachtung geystlicher gesenge und Psalmen, Rechtschaffen und kunstlich verteutscht.

M. CCCCC. XXiiij.


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