Further Study

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Friedrich Layriz, ed., Core of German Church Hymns for the Use of Evangelical Lutheran Congregations and Families, 3rd Ed., Nordlingen: C. H. Beck’schen Buchhandlung, 1854–55. The Missouri Synod used the first two editions of Layriz’s work as accompaniment for Walther’s hymnal, but the third edition proved unsuitable for this purpose. Nevertheless, this edition offers some interesting settings that are often quite different from what we find in the Missouri tradition. This facsimile on Google Books includes four volumes, the last of which contains liturgical material.

Karl Brauer, ed., Multi-Voice Chorale-Book to the Church Hymnal for Evangelical Lutheran Congregations of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1906. This was intended as a replacement for Layriz, the third edition of whose chorale-book was deemed insufficient for congregational use. It contains the tunes for the hymns included in Walther’s German hymnal, the original hymnal of the Missouri Synod. The link is to a facsimile on Google Books.