Printable Version of “In Glory Shone the Holy One”

My last post was a year ago, and it included the text of my own hymn for the Transfiguration of Our Lord, “In Glory Shone the Holy One.” I have prepared a bulletin insert of the hymn for use in my own congregation this weekend, though I have set the text to the tune “Wo Gott zum Haus,” using the Setting in LSB. This tune and its setting are familiar to congregation members and organists alike, and it has the benefit of being an authentic composition in the Lutheran chorale tradition. Here is the insert:

Download PDF for 2-sided printing

I have experimented with these 2-sided printable bulletin inserts, and I have verified that inserts formatted like this one can be successfully printed from an iPhone using Apple’s built-in AirPrint. Printing from a desktop machine should present no problems. Just make sure the quality is set to 600 dpi. The insert can be printed 2-sided (flipped on short edge), then sliced in half.

If you have occasion to use the hymn, what do you think? Could the text be improved? What could I do to make printable resources here more usable?

A blessed Transfiguration to all!

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