Praise Be to God Almighty Given

Tune: Conditor alme siderum

  1. Praise be to God Amighty giv’n,
    Who had such mercy on us men
    That He sent His beloved Son,
    His sole-begotten, from His throne,

  2. That so He might our Savior be,
    To make us from sin’s burden free,
    And through His grace and truth divine
    Make us with endless glory shine.

  3. O grace, with goodness so replete,
    O love and kindliness so sweet!
    God doth a work for which no man
    Nor angel duly thank Him can.

  4. God on Himself our nature takes,
    The God who ev’ry creature makes,
    Nor scorns a lowly maiden’s womb,
    That there our flesh He should assume.

  5. God’s Word from all eternity
    Is made true flesh in purity;
    Alpha, Omega, First and Last,
    Bears for our sakes great wretchedness.

  6. O what is man, what hath man done,
    That God should give for man His Son?
    What claim upon the Highest Good
    Had they who in such need had stood?

  7. O woe to them that Thee despise,
    Who from Thy grace avert their eyes,
    Nor to Thy Son’s own voice give heed:
    On them Thy wrath remains indeed!

  8. O man, beset by sin’s deceit,
    Dost thou not go thy King to meet,
    Who meekly cometh unto thee,
    Receiving thee so faithfully?

  9. Oh, Him with joy receive this day,
    Prepare within thy heart His way,
    That He may come within thy soul
    And with His graces make thee whole.

  10. Thy reason yield to Him its place;
    So ent’rest thou His realm of grace.
    Thy holiness, thy works unfit,
    Thy righteousness to Him submit.

  11. This do, and e’er shall He be thine
    And keep thee safe from hellish pain;
    Else shall He give as thou hast giv’n
    And bar to thee the gates of heav’n.

  12. At His first advent to the world
    He came in humble form revealed;
    The second shall in terror be
    And wicked men His wrath shall see.

  13. But those who now in Christ abide
    In joy shall evermore reside
    And in the angels’ choir shall sing,
    Nor suffer harm from anything.

  14. To Father on His highest throne
    Together with His only Son
    And Holy Ghost, with them adored,
    Be thanks and praise forevermore.

Lob sei dem allmächtigen Gott
Michael Weisse, 1531
Tr. Christopher J. Neuendorf, 2018

German text coming soon