Teutsch Kirchen ampt

Wolfgang Köpfel
Strassburg, 1525

This order of service for Mass and Vespers, printed 1525 in Strassburg, was a more complete form of a volume that had appeared the year before (available here). It includes a number of hymns interspersed throughout the orders of service. The last extant copy was destroyed in a fire in 1870, but a facsimile had been made in 1848 and is available here.

Full Title

Teutsch Kirchen ampt mit lobgesengen, und göttlichen psalmen, wie es die gemein zu Straßburg singt und halt mit mer gantz Christlichen gebetten, dann vorgetruckt.

[German Church office with songs of praise and divine psalms, as the congregation at Strassburg sings and observes it, together with more entirely Christian prayers than were printed before.]




Tunes Introduced

*Actually, the tune appeared the year before on a broadsheet, but this is its first appearance in a hymnal or service book.