Nun lasst uns Gott, dem Herren

Meter: 7.7. 7.7. Source: Nikolaus Selnecker, Christliche Psalmen, Leipzig, 1587 Proper Text: Now Let Us to the Lord God (Nun laßt uns Gott, dem Herren) Associated Texts Now Let Us Come Before Him (Nun laßt uns gehn und treten) Now Let Us to the Lord God (Nun laßt uns Gott, dem Herren)   This tune […]

Now Let Us Come Before Him

Tune: Nun lasst uns Gott, dem Herren Download: Booklet Now let us come before Him, With song and prayer adore Him, Who to our life hath given All needed strength from heaven. The stream of years is flowing, And we are onward going, From old to new surviving And by His mercy thriving. In woe […]

O That I Had a Thousand Voices

Tune: O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte O that I had a thousand voices! A mouth to speak with thousand tongues! My heart, which in the Lord rejoices, Then would proclaim in grateful songs To all, wherever I might be, What great things God hath done for me. O that my voice might high be […]

My Soul, Now Bless Thy Maker

Tune: Nun lob, mein Seel My soul, now bless thy Maker! Let all within me bless His name Who maketh thee partaker Of mercies more than thou dar’st claim. Forget Him not whose meekness Still bears with all thy sin, Who healeth all thy weakness, Renews thy life within; Whose grace and care are endless […]

Now Let Us To The Lord God

Tune: Nun lasst uns Gott, dem Herren Now let us to the Lord God Give thanks, and gladly Him laud For ev’ry gracious blessing Which through Him we’re possessing! Our life, our soul, our body To us hath giv’n He only, And for their preservation He spares no ministration. He gives the body its fare, […]

German Index of Hymn Writers

Anonymous Amen! wir habn gehöret Christ ist erstanden Albert, Heinrich Gott des Himmels und der Erden Behm, Martin O heilige Dreifaltigkeit Clausnitzer, Tobias Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier Crasselius, Bartholomäus Dir, dir, Jehova, will ich singen Creuziger, Elisabeth Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn Decius, Nikolaus Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr Eber, Paul […]