Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend

Meter: 8.8. 8.8.
Origin: Cantionale Germanicum, Dresden, 1628 (uncertain)
Source: Pensum Sacrum Metro-Rhythmicum, Görlitz, 1648
Proper Text: Lord Jesus Christ, to Us Attend (Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend)

Zahn No. 624

Though the source of this melody is listed in modern hymnals as a certain “Cantionale Germanicum,” Dresden, 1628 (cf. TLH, LSB; ELHB dates the melody to 1648), that source is no longer extant, and the attribution is uncertain. The information is gleaned from a 1936 handbook (Ernst Schmidt, Führer durch das neue Gesangbuch der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Bayern rechts des Rheins, Erlangen, 1936), which includes an unverifiable reference to an otherwise unknown handwritten “Gochsheimer Gesangbuch,” Redwitz, 1643, which reportedly includes this tune and its proper text with an ascription to a “Cantionale Germanicum,” 1628. The first extant appearance of this tune is in a collection of Latin poetry, Pensum Sacrum Metro-Rhythmicum, Görlitz, 1648, melody No. 45, a scan of which is available here. Of the 267 Latin odes included, 6 are directed to be sung to this melody. The tune appears in its four-part setting, together with its proper text, in the Cantionale Sacrum, Gotha, 1651.