Gottes Sohn ist kommen

Meter: 6.6. 6.6. 6.6. (Trochaic)
Source: Michael Weiss, Ein Neu Gesengbuchlen, 1531
Proper Text: Once He Came in Blessing (Gottes Sohn ist kommen)

Zahn No. 3294

This tune has its origins in a 14th-century Marian hymn, “Ave hierarchia.” It was adapted by Michael Weiss for use with his text “Menschenkind, merk eben,” appearing in his 1531 hymnal, Ein Neu Gesengbuchlen. Though Weiss’s text fell out of use, the tune was joined by Johann Horn to his text “Once He Came in Blessing (Gottes Sohn ist kommen),” which would continue in use for centuries. It is by the first line of Horn’s text that the tune has come to be known.