Yea, As I Live, Thy Maker Saith

Tune: Vater unser im Himmelreich

  1. “Yea, as I live,” thy Maker saith,
    “I do not wish the sinner’s death;
    Far more is this my wish and will,
    That from all sin he keep him still,
    From ev’ry evil turn and flee,
    And live with Me eternally.”

  2. O man! this word prevail with thee,
    Despair not in iniquity,
    Lay hold on this free offered grace,
    Confirmed by surest promises,
    Nay, sealed with God’s most solemn oath.
    Blest all who their transgressions loathe!

  3. Yet, O beware! Think not, secure:
    “God’s grace I always can procure;
    I’ll first partake of youthful mirth,
    Till I’m convinced how vain this earth,
    Then shall my serious thoughts begin
    To seek God’s pardon for my sin.”

  4. True, God is ready with His grace
    Repenting sinners to embrace,
    Yet, who runs up his sinful score
    On grace, till he can find no more,
    Will learn, to his amazing cost,
    Long-suff’ring mercy may be lost.

  5. Mercy thy God has promised thee
    For Christ, His blood and agony,
    Yet in His Word did never say
    That thou shouldst live another day.
    That thou must die He hath revealed,
    But death’s dark hour to thee’s concealed.

  6. Today thou liv’st, today repent,
    Lest all thy life should be misspent.
    Who laughs today, looks fair and red,
    Tomorrow may be sick or dead.
    If, then, thou diest impenitent,
    Thou’lt be where flames fore’er torment.

  7. O blessed Jesus, grant I may
    Return to Thee this very day
    And live in constant penitence,
    Till death appears to call me hence,
    That I in ev’ry time and place
    Be well prepared to end my race.

So wahr ich lebe, spricht dein Gott
Johann Heermann, 1630
Tr. John Christian Jacobi, Psalmodia Germanica, 1732, p. 93, alt.
Source: Hymnal for Evangelical Lutheran Missions, 1905, No. 110, alt.

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Johann Heermann

Johann Heermann (1585–1647)

Author: Johann Heermann
Source: Devoti Musica Cordis, 1630, p. 1