Ye Sons of Men, Oh, Hearken

Tune: Von Gott will ich nicht lassen

  1. Ye sons of men, oh, hearken:
    Your heart and mind prepare;
    To hail th’ Almighty Savior,
    O sinners, be your care.
    He who of grace alone
    Our Life and Light was given,
    The promised Lord from heaven,
    Unto our world is shown.

  2. Prepare the way before Him;
    Prepare for Him the best;
    Cast out whate’er offendeth
    This great, this heav’nly Guest.
    Make straight, make plain, the way:
    The lowly valleys raising,
    The heights of pride abasing,
    His path all even lay.

  3. The humble heart and lowly
    God lifteth up on high;
    Beneath His feet in anguish
    The haughty soul shall lie.
    The heart, sincere and right,
    That heeds God’s invitation
    And makes true preparation,
    It is the Lord’s delight.

  4. Prepare my heart, Lord Jesus,
    Turn not from me aside,
    And grant that I receive Thee
    This blessèd Advent-tide.
    From stall and manger low
    Come Thou to dwell within me;
    Loud praises will I sing Thee
    And forth Thy glory show.

Mit Ernst, o Menschenkinder
Vaneltin Thilo, Jr., 1659, alt.
Tr. Arthur T. Russell, 1851, alt.
Source: The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 75

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