Through Jesus’ Blood and Merit

Tune: Ich dank dir, lieber Herre

  1. Through Jesus’ blood and merit
    I am at peace with God.
    What, then, can daunt my spirit,
    However dark my road?
    My courage shall not fail me,
    For God is on my side
    Though hell itself assail me,
    Its rage I may deride.

  2. There’s naught that can me sever
    From the great love of God,
    No want, no pain whatever,
    No famine, peril, flood.
    Though thousand foes surround me,
    For slaughter mark Thy sheep,
    They never shall confound me,
    The vict’ry I shall reap.

  3. I can, while here I’m living,
    Through Him who holds me dear,
    Well soothe each dire misgiving,
    Be ever of good cheer,
    For this shall be my comfort,
    All full of hope I’ll be,
    Which neither fear nor terror
    Shall ever rob from me.

  4. Yea, neither life’s temptation
    Nor death’s so trying hour,
    Nor angels of high station,
    Nor any other pow’r,
    Nor things that are now present,
    Nor things that are to come,
    Nor height, however pleasant,
    Nor depth of deepest gloom,

  5. Nor any creature ever
    Shall from the love of God
    This wretched sinner sever;
    For in my Savior’s blood
    This love its fountain taketh;
    He hears my faithful prayer
    And nevermore forsaketh
    His own dear child and heir.

Ich bin bei Gott in Gnaden
Simon Dach, 1651
Tr. composite

German Text (coming soon)