Send, O God, a Gentle Shower

Tune: Werde munter

  1. Send, O God, a gentle shower,
    For my heart is dry as sand;
    Father, bathe Thy drooping flower,
    Water Thou Thy thirsty land;
    Let Thy Holy Spirit’s boon
    O’er me from Thy heav’nly throne
    Like abundant streams be flowing,
    Blessings on my heart bestowing.

  2. By a human father, even
    Though he is by sin defiled,
    Only good gifts will be given
    Unto a beloved child;
    How much more dost Thou the same,
    For “Good Father” is Thy name!
    Thou wilt send to me Thy Spirit;
    Thy good gifts I shall inherit.

  3. Jesus, who for my salvation
    To the Father didst ascend,
    Hear my earnest supplication,
    Unto me Thy Spirit send;
    Let the Comforter for aye
    Bide with me, my Strength and Stay,
    That in faith I may not waver,
    Steadfast in the truth forever.

  4. Holy Ghost, Strength of the simple,
    O make Thine abode with me,
    Let me ever be Thy temple;
    Cheerfully I welcome Thee.
    Do Thou purify my heart,
    Cast out all things that might part
    Me from those sweet joys of heaven
    Which by Thee to faith are given.

  5. With Thy gifts my heart endowing,
    Make it new and clean and fair;
    Let in true love it be glowing,
    Living in Thy grace fore’er;
    Give me courage bold and good,
    Sanctify my flesh and blood,
    Let me, trusting in Christ’s merit,
    Worship God in truth and spirit.

  6. Thus myself I will deliver,
    Lord, to Thee; my soul shall strive
    Only after heav’n forever
    Until there I shall arrive
    Where the Father and the Son
    And Thyself in heav’n’s high throne
    I shall praise and all Thy treasures
    In angelic, heav’nly measures.

Gott, gib einen milden Regen
Moritz Kramer, 1683
Tr. August Crull
Source: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, 1927, No. 248

German Text (coming soon)