Oh God, How Many Miseries

Tune: Ach Gott, wie manches

  1. Oh God, how many miseries
    Assault and discompose my peace!
    The path that leads to heaven’s gate
    Is full of trials and very strait.

  2. How hard it is for flesh and blood
    To seek the everlasting Good!
    Oh where then shall I turn my face?
    Lord Christ, to Thy redeeming grace.

  3. My heart has never been dismayed
    Whene’er in Thee it looked for aid;
    No mortal yet was ever lost
    Who put in Christ alone his trust.

  4. That Thou art God as well as Man,
    Lord, Thy redemption makes it plain.
    No greater wonder has been heard
    Than this: that God in flesh appeared.

  5. He saved us by His death and tomb
    From sin and from the wrath to come!
    My Jesus, God and Lord alone,
    What name is sweeter than Thine own?

  6. No grief can ever be so sore
    But Thy salvation cheers us more,
    No pain so raging but Thy Name
    Can still assuage and heal the same.

  7. Nay, though my flesh and heart should fail,
    Thy presence, Lord, will yet prevail;
    Enjoying Thee and Thy free love
    I share the bliss of saints above.

  8. Thine would I be in soul and mind,
    And leave sin, death, and hell behind;
    Nor can I better fix my trust
    Than in the God of whom I boast.

  9. Thou never canst forsake Thy child
    That by Thy grace is reconciled;
    Thou art the Shepherd of my soul,
    That ever keeps me sound and whole.

  10. Thou art my Comfort and Renown,
    My Treasure, and eternal Crown;
    No tongue is able to express
    What joy the name of Jesus has.

  11. He that has faith and charity
    Can by experience join with me;
    I’d make this bold assertion good,
    And dare to seal it with my blood.

  12. Were there no joy in God for me,
    ’Twere better I should never be,
    For he that has not Christ within
    Is dead in trespasses and sin.

  13. Thou sweetest Bridegroom of my soul,
    Thou Jewel choice beyond control,
    I Thee I justly more rejoice
    Than in the world’s most glitt’ring toys.

  14. As often as I think on Thee,
    My heart for joy doth leap in me;
    When I but fix in Thee my hope,
    Thy peace and comfort bears me up.

  15. When in my pain I pray and sing,
    My heart is quite another thing;
    Thy Spirit witnesses that this
    Is but the foretaste of Thy bliss.

  16. I then, as long as life shall be,
    Will bear the cross, and follow Thee;
    O Lord, prepare this heart of mine,
    Let it to nothing else incline.

  17. Assist me with Thy mighty grace
    With joy to run my Christian race;
    Help me to conquer flesh and blood
    And make my Christian warfare good.

  18. Preserve my faith from error free,
    That I may live and die in Thee;
    Lord Jesus Christ, hear my desire;
    Let me be Thine when I expire!

Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid
Martin Moller, 1587
Tr. Johann Christian Jacobi, 1722, alt.
Source: Psalmodia Germanica, London, 1722, pp. 76–79

German Text (coming soon)