O Lord, We Welcome Thee

Tune: Nun danket alle Gott

  1. O Lord, we welcome Thee,
    Our hearts for joy are leaping.
    Thou, Jesus, dearest Child,
    Thy precious promise keeping,
    Art come from heav’n to earth
    To be our Brother dear;
    Thou, gracious Son of God,
    Wilt banish all our fear.

  2. The mighty Son of God,
    His majesty concealing,
    Dwells with our fallen race
    To give us balm and healing.
    The everlasting God
    Descends from realms above,
    Becomes a winsome Child,
    Reveals His Father’s love.

  3. Ah, sweet and gentle name!
    Its echoes far are sounding,
    It pierces hearts of stone
    And tells of love abounding.
    O Jesus, dearest Child,
    On Thee will we rely,
    And, calling on Thy name,
    We die not when we die.

  4. To Thee alone we cling,
    For Thee all else forsaking;
    On Thee alone we build
    Though heav’n and earth be quaking.
    To Thee alone we live,
    In Thee alone we die;
    O Jesus, dearest Lord,
    With Thee we reign on high.

Ich freue mich in dir
Caspar Ziegler, 1648
Tr. composite
Source: The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 93

German Text (coming soon)