O Holy Ghost, Eternal God

Tune: Herr Gott, dich loben alle wir

  1. O Holy Ghost, eternal God,
    Thou Comfort on my weary road,
    With all my heart I pray to Thee:
    Hear my entreaty graciously.

  2. Oh, be my Comfort and my Trust,
    Else in my sins despair I must;
    Defend me from the snares of hell,
    Grant that in Jesus Christ I dwell!

  3. So shall I ever ready be
    To serve this Master faithfully
    And with a faith both true and pure
    Confess Him as my Savior sure.

  4. Lead me upon the narrow way
    Lest from the Christian life I stray,
    That when this mortal frame I leave,
    Eternal joys I may receive.

O Heilger Geist, du ewger Gott
Barthold Helder, d. 1635
Tr. August Crull, alt.
Source: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, 1927, No. 251, alt.

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