Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread

Tune: Herr, wie du willst

Alternate Tune


A devotional song, which one can sing when presenting oneself for the most precious Supper of the Lord.

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, Thou living Bread,
    May I for mine possess Thee.
    I would with heav’nly food be fed;
    Descend, refresh, and bless me.
    Now make me meet for Thee, O Lord;
    Now, humbly by my heart implored,
    Grant me Thy grace and mercy.

  2. Thou me to pastures green dost guide,
    To quiet waters lead me;
    Thy Table Thou dost well provide
    And from Thy hand dost feed me.
    Sin, weakness, and infirmity
    Am I; O Savior, give to me
    The cup of Thy salvation.

  3. O Bread of Heav’n, my soul’s Delight,
    For full and free remission
    With prayer I come before Thy sight,
    In sorrow and contrition.
    With faith adorn my soul that I
    May to Thy Table now draw nigh
    With Thine own preparation.

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  5. I merit not Thy favor, Lord,
    Sin now upon me lieth;
    Beneath my burden, self-abhorred,
    To Thee my spirit crieth.
    In all my grief this comforts me,
    That Thou on sinners graciously,
    Lord Jesus, hast compassion.

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Du Lebensbrot, Herr Jesu Christ
Johann Rist, 1654
Tr. Arthur Tozer Russell, 1851, alt.
Source: The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 312

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This text originally appeared in Johann Rist’s Frommer und Gottseliger Christen Alltägliche Hauszmusik, Lüneburg, 1654, p. 32, No. 7, a scan of which is available here, courtesy of the Bavarian State Library in Munich.