Let Us All with Gladsome Voice

Tune: Lasst uns alle

  1. Let us all with gladsome voice
    Praise the God of heaven,
    Who, to bid our hearts rejoice,
    His own Son hath given.

  2. To this vale of tears He comes,
    Here to serve in sadness,
    That with Him in heav’n’s fair homes
    We may reign in gladness.

  3. We are rich, for He was poor;
    Is not this a wonder?
    Therefore praise God evermore
    Here on earth and yonder.

  4. O Lord Christ, our Savior dear,
    Be Thou ever near us.
    Grant us now a glad new year.
    Amen, Jesus, hear us!

Laßt uns alle fröhlich sein
Attr. Urban Langhans, c. 1560
Earliest known source: Dresden Hymnal, Part 2, 1632
Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1863, alt.
Source: The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 97

German Text (coming soon)