Arise, Sons of the Kingdom

Tune: Aus meines Herzens Grunde

  1. Arise, sons of the Kingdom!
    The King is drawing nigh;
    Arise, and hail with gladness
    The Ruler from on high.
    Ye Christians, hasten forth!
    Your praise and homage bring Him
    And glad hosannas sing Him;
    Naught else your love is worth.

  2. Arise, ye drooping mourners!
    The King is very near;
    Away with grief and sorrow!
    For, lo, your Help is here.
    Behold, in many‿a place—
    O blessed consolation!
    Ye find Him, your Salvation,
    Within His means of grace.

  3. Arise, ye much afflicted!
    The King is not afar.
    Rejoice, ye long dejected,
    Behold the Morning Star!
    The Lord will give you joy;
    Though troubles now distress you,
    With comfort He will bless you,
    E’en death will He destroy.

  4. Now hear, ye bold transgressors,
    The King does well give heed
    To all that ye are doing,
    And to the life ye lead,
    Enthralled to sin and hell;
    And naught in all creation
    Escapes His observation:
    He marketh all things well.

  5. Be righteous, ye His subjects,
    The King is just and true;
    Prepare for Him a highway,
    Make all things straight and new.
    For, lo, He means it well;
    Then willing bear the crosses
    That He Himself imposes,
    Nor let your courage fail.

  6. Though war and conflagration
    Take all our goods away,
    The Lord is our salvation
    And heritage for aye.
    E’en though our loved ones die,
    Yet they are not forsaken,
    But from this world are taken
    To live with God on high.

  7. Arise, ye poor and needy!
    The King provides for you;
    He comes with succor speedy,
    With mercy ever new.
    Receive your gracious King,
    The Giver of all blessing,
    Hail Him, His name confessing,
    And glad hosannas sing.

  8. He nevermore forsaketh
    A child that feels the rod,
    Who Him his refuge maketh,
    And puts his trust in God.
    He is our sovereign King;
    E’en death itself shall never
    Those from their Master sever
    Who to His mercy cling.

  9. Arise, ye faint and fearful!
    The King now comes with might;
    His heart hath long since loved us,
    He makes our darkness light.
    Now are our sorrows o’er;
    No wrath shall e’er befall us,
    Since God in grace doth call us
    His children evermore.

  10. Haste then, with eager footsteps,
    To see your Sovereign there!
    He rides as King of Zion,
    Strong, glorious, meek and fair.
    Draw near the Lord and give
    To Him your salutation,
    Who bringeth great salvation,
    And bids the sinner live.

  11. The King in grace remembers
    His loved ones here below
    With gifts of royal treasures,
    Yea, doth Himself bestow
    Through His blest Word and grace.
    O King, arrayed in splendor,
    To Thee all praise we’ll render
    Here and there face to face.

  12. Oh, rich the gifts Thou bringest,
    Thyself made poor and weak!
    O Love beyond expression,
    That thus can sinners seek!
    For this, O Lord, will we
    Our joyous tribute bring Thee
    And glad hosannas sing Thee
    And ever grateful be.

Auf, auf, ihr Reichsgenossen
Johann Rist, 1651
Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1858, alt.
Source: Sts. 1-3, 5, 7, 12, The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 69

German Text (coming soon)