All Men Living Are But Mortal

Tune: Alle Menschen müssen sterben

  1. All men living are but mortal,
    Yea, all flesh must fade as grass;
    Only through death’s gloomy portal
    To eternal life we pass.
    This frail body here must perish
    Ere the heav’nly joys it cherish,
    Ere it gain the free reward
    For the ransomed of the Lord.

  2. Therefore, when my God doth choose it,
    Willingly I’ll yield my life
    Nor will grieve that I should lose it,
    For with sorrows it was rife.
    In my dear Redeemer’s merit
    Peace hath found my troubled spirit,
    And in death my comfort this:
    Jesus’ death my source of bliss.

  3. Jesus for my sake descended
    My salvation to obtain;
    Death and hell for me are ended,
    Peace and hope are now my gain;
    Yea, with joy I leave earth’s sadness
    For the home of heav’nly gladness
    Where I shall forever see
    God, the Holy Trinity.

  4. There is joy beyond our telling,
    Where so many saints have gone;
    Thousands, thousands, there are dwelling,
    Worshiping before the throne.
    There the seraphim are shining,
    Evermore in chorus joining:
    “Holy, holy, holy Lord!
    Triune God, fore’er adored!”

  5. Patriarchs of sacred story
    And the prophets there are found;
    The apostles, too, in glory
    On twelve seats are there enthroned.
    All the saints that have ascended
    Age on age, through time extended,
    There in blissful concert sing
    Alleluias to their King.

  6. O Jerusalem, how glorious
    Dost thou shine, thou city fair!
    Lo, I hear the tones victorious
    Ever sweetly sounding there.
    Oh, the bliss that there surprises!
    Lo, the sun of morn now rises,
    And the breaking day I see
    That shall never end for me.

  7. Yea, I see what here was told me,
    See that wondrous glory shine,
    Feel the spotless robes enfold me,
    Know a golden crown is mine.
    Thus before the throne so glorious
    Now I stand a soul victorious,
    Gazing on that joy for aye
    That shall never pass away.

Alle Menschen müssen sterben
Johann G. Albinus, 1652
Sts. 1–4, 6–7 tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1863, alt.
St. 5 tr. anon.
Source: The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 601, alt.