Johann Olearius

Johann Olearius (1611–1684)

Johann Olearius (1611–1684)

Born: September 17, 1611, Halle
Died: April 24, 1684, Weissenfels

Dr. Johann Olearius, a hymnologist of our church, was born 1611 in Halle. He served as General Superintendent and Chief Court Preacher for Duke August of Saxony in Halle, and afterwards held the same position in Weissenfels, where he died 1684. He published the Art of Spiritual Song (Geistliche Singe-Kunst), 1671, a comprehensive collection of the hymns available at that time. His hymn “Lord, Open Thou My Heart to Hear” (“Herr, öffne mir die Herzenstür“) serves as a silent prayer upon entrance into church.

Hymns Available at the Free Lutheran Chorale-Book

Again Is Come the New Church Year | Nun kömmt das neue Kirchenjahr
Comfort, Comfort Ye My People | Tröstet, tröstet meine Lieben
Lord, Open Thou My Heart to Hear | Herr, öffne mir die Herzenstür
Oh, How Great Is Thy Compassion | Ach, wie groß ist deine Gnade