The Mystery Hidden from the Eyes

Tune: Christ, unser Herr

  1. The myst’ry hidden from the eyes
    Of learned men and sages,
    God hath revealed us from the skies,
    In Scripture’s holy pages,
    That He alone is King above
    All other gods whatever,
    Great, mighty, faithful, full of love,
    His people’s Shield and Savior;
    One Essence, but Three Persons.

  2. As Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
    The righteous seed adore Him;
    So named, so praised, He is the boast
    Of all who bow before Him;
    He’s Abraham’s and Isaac’s God,
    And Jacob’s, whom He knoweth,
    The Lord of hosts, who ev’ry good,
    Both night and day, bestoweth;
    Who only worketh wonders.

  3. The Father hath the Son begot,
    First-born of ev’ry creature;
    The Son took our weak flesh, but not
    Our sinfulness of nature;
    Both from the Father and the Son
    The Holy Ghost proceedeth
    From all eternity; yet none
    In might and pow’r exceedeth;
    All equal, coeternal.

  4. Be glad, my heart, thy Portion see,
    Thy priceless Pearl and Treasure!
    He is thy Friend, supply will He
    Thy needs with bounteous measure;
    He made thee in His image, was
    For thy offenses smitten,
    With true faith fills thee, through His grace
    Doth all thy crosses sweeten
    With His dear word of promise.

  5. Rise, then, to Him, the Ever-blest,
    And learn to know Him rightly;
    Such knowledge can alone bring rest
    And make thy soul burn brightly
    With the pure flame of holy love,
    Which cheers thy course to heaven;
    For God will show thee things above
    Which here ’tis only given
    To hear of and see darkly.

  6. But woe to the ungodly race,
    In willful blindness living,
    Rejecting God and His dear grace,
    Their hearts to creatures giving.
    On them, alas! hell’s dreadful gates
    Ere long will close forever;
    For him who God rejects and hates
    God will reject and sever
    From His eternal kingdom.

  7. O Prince of Might, Thy mercy show,
    Thou God of earth and heaven;
    To ev’ry sinner here below
    Thy saving grace be given!
    Bring back Thy sheep that go astray
    And blinded eyes enlighten,
    And turn Thou ev’rything away
    That wickedly might frighten
    Thine own, whose faith is feeble.

  8. Grant this, that we, Thy people, may
    All reach the heav’nly portals
    And in Thy kingdom sing for aye
    Mid all the blest immortals:
    That Thou, O Lord, art King alone,
    Above all gods whatever,
    The Father, Son, and Spirit, One,
    Thy people’s Shield and Savior,
    One Essence, but Three Persons!

Was alle Weisheit in der Welt
Paul Gerhardt, 1666
Tr. composite
Source: Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, 1927, No. 264

German Text (coming soon)

Paul Gerhardt (portrait at Lübben)

Paul Gerhardt (1607–1676), portrait at the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche in Lübben.

Author: Paul Gerhardt