The Day Hath Dawned, the Day of Days

Tune: Erschienen ist

  1. The day hath dawned, the day of days,
    Transcending all our joy and praise:
    This day our Lord triumphant rose;
    This day He captive led our foes.

  2. The serpent’s craft, sin, death, and hell,
    This day before the Conqu’ror fell:
    All suff’ring, sorrow, ill, the name
    Of Jesus ris’n this day o’ercame.

  3. Now Death must render up his prey,
    And Life again must hold the sway:
    The might of Death is come to naught
    And Life through Christ to us is brought.

  4. Forth out of Egypt now we go,
    Cruel Pharaoh’s bondage off we throw,
    And our true Paschal Lamb divine
    We eat today in bread and wine.

  5. The sun, the earth, all things adore,
    As at His death they mourned before:
    All own with joy upon this day
    The foe’s dominion passed away.

  6. As then is meet, we now will sing
    Glad Alleluias to our King:
    To Thee, Lord, doth our praise pertain,
    Who for our joy art ris’n again.

Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag
Nicolaus Herman, 1560, cento
Tr. composite, cento
Source: Sts. 1–2, 5–6, Arthur Tozer Russell, Psalms and Hymns, 1851, No. 113
Sts. 3–4, Dr. G. Walker, Hymns Translated or Imitated from the German, 1860, No. 4, alt.

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