We Thank Thee, Jesus Christ, Our Lord

Tune: Erschienen ist

  1. We thank Thee, Jesus Christ, our Lord,
    That Thou to heav’n above art soared.
    O God of strength, Immanuel,
    Grant strength to body, strength to soul.

  2. Now all His Christians can rejoice
    And sing His praise with cheerful voice:
    Glory to God in heav’n’s high throne,
    Our Brother is God’s only Son.

  3. Ascended to His throne on high,
    Hid from our sight, yet always nigh,
    As God and man He ever reigns
    And infinite in pow’r remains.

  4. Above all heav’ns in glory raised,
    Forever by all angels praised,
    All human beings rules our Lord,
    All creatures must obey His word.

  5. He rules and reigns at God’s right hand
    And has all pow’r at His command,
    All things are subject to His rodβ€”
    Both Mary’s Son and Son of God.

  6. The world, sin Satan, death, and hell
    Are vanquished by Immanuel.
    Though they deny His mighty reign,
    He still the Victor will remain.

  7. The man who trusts in Him is blest
    And finds in Him eternal rest;
    This world’s allurements we despise
    And fix on Christ alone our eyes.

  8. We trust in Him, our Lord and God,
    Who hath redeemed us by His blood;
    He captive led captivity,
    From bitter death to set us free.

  9. We therefore heartily rejoice
    And sing His praise with cheerful voice:
    Our Brother, our own flesh and blood,
    Is God and King, our greatest Good.

  10. Through Him we heirs of heav’n are made;
    O Brother, Christ, extend Thine aid
    That we may firmly trust in Thee
    And live through Thee eternally.

  11. Amen, Amen, O Lord, we cry;
    Do Thou, who art exalted high,
    In Thy pure doctrine keep our hearts
    And shield us from the devil’s arts.

  12. Come, Jesus, come, the time is near,
    Let Thy last judgment soon appear;
    Forth lead us from this vale of tears
    Unto Thy joy of endless years.

  13. Amen! we sing yet once again,
    And wait with longing for the end,
    When with Thine angels we shall be
    And sing Amen eternally.

Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ
Anon., Praetorius’s Musae Sioniae, 1607
Tr. composite
Source: Sts. 2–11, Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, 1927, No. 239, alt.
Sts. 1, 12–13, Christopher J. Neuendorf, 2015

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