This Body in the Grave We Lay

Tune: Nun lasst uns den Leib

  1. This body in the grave we lay
    There to await that solemn Day
    When God Himself shall bid it rise
    To mount triumphant to the skies.

  2. And so to earth we now entrust
    What came from dust and turns to dust
    And from the dust shall rise that day,
    In glorious triumph o’er decay.

  3. The soul forever lives with God,
    Who freely hath His grace bestowed
    And through His Son redeemed it here
    From ev’ry sin, from ev’ry fear.

  4. All trials and all griefs are past,
    A blessèd end has come at last.
    Christ’s yoke was borne with ready will;
    Who dieth thus is living still.

  5. We have no cause to mourn or weep;
    Securely shall this body sleep
    Till Christ Himself shall death destroy
    And raise the blessèd dead to joy.

  6. For they who with Him suffered here
    Shall there be healed from woe and fear;
    And when eternal bliss is won,
    They’ll shine in glory like the sun.

  7. Then let us leave this place of rest
    And homeward turn, for they are blest
    Who heed God’s warning and prepare
    Lest death should find them unaware.

  8. So help us, Jesus, ground of faith;
    Thou hast redeemed us by Thy death
    From endless death and set us free.
    We laud and praise and worship Thee.

Nun laßt uns den Leib begraben
Sts. 1–7, Michael Weisse, 1531; st. 8, attr. Martin Luther
Tr. William M. Czamanske, 1938
Source: Sts. 1–6, The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941, No. 596
Sts. 7–8, Lutheran Service Book, 2006, No. 759

German Text (coming soon)