The 14th Psalm. Dixit insipiens in corde suo.

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1 The fools say in their hearts, | There ( is ) no God.*
They are corrupt, and are an abomination together with their nature; there is | none that ( do- eth ) good.

2 The Lord looketh down from heaven upon the | child- ( ren ) of men,*
that He may see if any be wise, and in- | quire af- ( ter ) God,

3 but they are all gone astray, and are | al- ( to- geth- ) er vile,*
there is none that doeth good, | not ev- ( en ) one.

4 Will then none of the evildoers | come ( to ) know this?*
who devour My people that they may nourish themselves, but call | not up- ( on the ) Lord.

5 There | they ( them- selves ) do fear,*
but God is with the generation | of the ( right- ) eous.

6 Ye shame the | coun- ( sel of ) the poor,*
but God | is his ( con- fi- ) dence.

7 Oh, that help out of Zion would come upon Israel, and the Lord redeem His | cap- ( tive ) peo- ple;*
Then would Jacob be glad, and | Is- ra- ( el re- ) joice.

Martin Luther’s hymn “The Mouth of Fools May Well Confess” (Es spricht der Unweisen Mund wohl) is a metrical setting of this psalm.

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